Vice President Dick Cheney was the acting
Supreme Commander in Chief on 9/11.
On May 8th, 2001, four months prior to
9/11, George W. Bush placed Dick Cheney in charge
of all federal programs dealing with weapons of mass
destruction consequence management within the
Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services,
Dept. of Justice, Dept. of Energy, the Environmental
Protection Agency, and several other federal agencies.
This included all “training and planning” which
needed to be “seamlessly integrated, harmonious and
comprehensive” in order to “maximize effectiveness.”
This mandate created the Office of National
Preparedness (ONP) in FEMA, overseen by DickCheney.
In summation, Cheney was placed directly in charge
of managing all training exercises throughout the
entire federal government and all military agencies.

On 9/11 Cheney oversaw multiple war games and terror
drills, including several exercises involving NORAD, the
USAF agency whose mandate is to “watch the sky.” It
was no coincidence that multiple exercises were either
commenced or ongoing on the morning of 9/11.

After the second WTC tower hit, Cheney was taken by
the Secret Service to the underground bunker under the
east wing of the White House known as the Presidential
Emergency Operations Center (PEOC). From there
Cheney directed the U.S. government’s response to the
unfolding attack. Less than an hour later he was taken to
what is referred to as the “underground Pentagon,” also
known as SITE R. This highly secure complex of
buildings inside Raven Rock Mountain near Blue Ridge
Summit, Pa., is about seven miles north of Camp David.
It was built in the early 1950’s as an alternate command
center in the event of a nuclear war.

SITE R is completely hidden except for an array of
satellite dishes, microwave towers, and antennae
clustered nearby. Inside are computer filled caverns,
communications equipment, and tracking technology
right out of Star Wars. Heavily armed military police
enforce the posted no trespassing advisories.

Within a few hours of the plane attacks on 9/11, no fewer
than five helicopters landed on the facility’s helipads
carrying top officials such as Paul Wolfowitz to join
Cheney inside. Cheney’s command at SITE R superseded
any orders from the Pentagon, the FAA, or even the
White House. He also controlled FEMA assets in New
York City through its new command center on Pier 29.

Cheney was also running a completely separate chain of
command and control from what was provided to him on
May 8th via the Secret Service, assuring the paralysis of
the USAF response capability on 9/11.
The Secret Service has the capability to see the same radar screens
the FAA sees in real time. The secret Service also has the
legal authority and capability to take supreme command
in cases of a national emergency.

Keep in mind that Zionist Jew Lewis “Scooter”
Libby (Liebowitz) was Cheney’s Vice-Presidential Chief
of Staff and main conduit to the other cabal operatives
prior to, during and after 9/11.

Dick Cheney is primarily an oilman and the man behind
oil/construction mega company Halliburton. Cheney
stood to gain unfathomable wealth from the U.S.
invasion of Iraq while Israel stood to gain at least partial
dominance over its home region. Cheney, some Jewish
Zionist Americans and the Israelis made a good team.
The sacrifice of a few thousand innocent people on the
morning of 9/11 was worth it to them. It was good
business and not at all personal. It was manifest destiny!

If God had not provided the opportunity, they would not
have taken it. It was God’s design... to the mind of a
twisted souled psychopath.

Some of the different war games in progress on
the morning of 9/11 were:
planned months in advance of 9/11. It insured that on the
morning of 9/11, jet fighters assigned to the North East
Air Defense Sector (NEADS) had been reassigned to
duties in Alaska and Canada to participate in a simulated
attack out of Russia, thus reducing the number of fighters
available to NEADS on 9/11. General Norton Schwartz
was in command. Recall that Schwartz had previously
been assigned as the head of the USAF’s Special
Operations Command to where Rabbi Dov Zakheim had
sent a small fleet of Boeing 767s to be modified into air
refueling tankers... and the drones used on 9/11.

simulated hijacked planes in the North East Air Defense
Sector (NEADS). This exercise was only applied to the
North East Air Defense Sector. It commenced on the
morning of 9/11.
Lt. Col. Dawne Deskins was the
NORAD airborne control and warning officer who was
overseeing the exercise. At 8:40 a.m. she took a call from
Boston Center (air traffic control center) advising her of a
hijacked airliner. Here first words were, as quoted by
Newhouse News Service were: “It must be part of the  exercise.”
This is an example of how the numerous
exercises on 9/11 caused the confusion at NORAD
enabling three of the four drones to reach their targets.

conducted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff involving at least
one real commercial airliner in the air intended to
simulate exactly the kind of emergency perpetrated on 9/11.
One of the components of the drill included “false
blips” which were simulated radar imprints (aka: inputs)
placed on all FAA radar screens in the North East area
and only in the North East area!

At one point on the morning of 9/11, FAA Director Jane
Garvey said that as many as 11 hijackings were
seemingly evident. No one could determine what “real
world” was, what was simulated and which were
deemed “live-fly” exercises.
Regardless, this exercise
and all the other exercises created such confusion and
misdirection of defense assets that it rendered the
military response totally ineffective on 9/11.

Giuliani revealed details of this exercise during his
testimony during the 9/11 Investigation Commission
hearings. FEMA arrived in New York on September 10th
to set up a command post located at Pier 29 under the
auspices of a bio-warfare exercise scheduled for
September 12th .
FEMA personnel, vehicles and
equipment added to the confusion and congestion of
9/11. Giuliani used this Pier 29 command post after
evacuating WTC 7 when advised that the Twin Towers
were about to collapse... Nobody had any idea that the
towers were about to collapse, especially the firefighters
inside the Twin Towers!

Giuliani actually told Peter Jennings of ABC News
referring to WTC 7: “We were operating out of there
when we were told that the World Trade Center was
gonna collapse.” ...Now how would anyone know that a
collapse was imminent when no steel framed building
had ever collapsed from fire damage in all of history
including all of the steel framed buildings in Tokyo
Japan during the fire-bombings of WWII?
Another 911 enabler was the Ptech software that was
used in most of the computer systems by the FAA,
USAF, FBI, Secret Service, Pentagon, and even the
White House.
Jewish Zionist Michael Goff was the
marketing manager at Ptech and he also worked for
Israeli database company Guardium. Goff allegedly sold
Ptech software loaded with trapdoors and Trojan horses
to all the agencies mentioned above. Some key computer
systems failed miserably on 9/11... or performed
perfectly depending on your point of view.


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